• 「天才、横山雄二」と、才能豊かな広島のスタッフ達が創り出した不思議で、ユニークな、新しい広島の物語。


    Hiroshima has overcome its tragic history to become one of Japan’s biggest cities.
    The city is known for its beauty, especially its’ seven rivers with its’ many bridges which act as a metaphor for the close relationships that its inhabitants foster.
    After the director Hideyuki Tokigawa met the charismatic Radio DJ Yuji Yokoyama, it inspired him to make a story to portray modern Hiroshima through radio with Yuji as its unique protagonist.
  • 美しい広島の映像で綴られる不思議なラジオを巡る物語は名演技を見せる横山雄二を中心に、アンガールズたちのユニークな人物達が目まぐるしく交錯してゆく。

    Yuji (who really is like his screen character) was a great character to bring out the unique qualities of Hiroshima.
    In this ever changing world, communication mediums like Internet and TV, has altered our lives. Everything is sped up and gone global. But because we are living at such a hyped up pace, the bond between human beings becomes even more important.
    This bond is exemplified by then many stars and singers from Hiroshima that participated in this film.
    And this fantasy has actually managed to capture the actual taste of the real Hiroshima.