• ラジオをめぐる広島の物語。

    Yuji, a charismatic radio DJ in Hiroshima, is so disillusioned he wants to quit his job. “No one has hope for radio anymore,” he laments. The years have drained all the passion he had for speaking into a microphone and it’s all he can do to turn up for work every day without being drunk.
    One day, Yuji saves a young girl who is about to fall off a bridge. This girl pleads with him not to leave radio because the radio helps connect people. But Yuji doesn’t believe her. But then a series of strange events that revolve around even stranger characters occur, and Yuji is forced to a realization.
    What if the girl is right?
  • 少女が語りだす、横山への恋とは?

    Yuji’s heart opens to the invisible connection between the radio and the people of Hiroshima in a magical way. And as he discovers more about his hometown, he discovers a lot more about himself and the people around him.